Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 26 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 176 - Poly tunnel on subfreezing night
 The 23rd of June saw a hard freeze here in Black Lake. It was 26 degrees for more than three hours and froze even the plants in my polytunnel green house. I had been putting two lights on in it every night to keep the tomatoes from getting chilled but even with all that they got frost burned. The eggplants and the sweet peppers perished. This photo commemorates that latest freeze in the almost two decades I have been living here.

Day 177

And yet in protected areas on the hillsides flowers continued to bloom. Amazing what life will do in order to survive climate change and severe drought. I am not the best photographer of flowers. That would be my sister, Deborah Binford Baker. Some of her flowers and some of mine, mostly painted, are in the All About Flowers Exhibit by the Artists Guild of Northern New Mexico at the Angel Fire Visitor's Center.

Day 178 - Chevy Blue

My favorite subjects are old cars and machinery. I just printed Chevy Blue 20 x 30 on canvas. It is always a treat to see your photos produced in a now digital form. Chevy Blue turned out awesome. Visit Binford-Bell Studio where the photos for the 365 day challenge are first debuted to learn more about pricing.

Day 179

In addition to old cars and old equipment like the tractor above I also am overly fond of reflections. Especially with the water is like a mirror. Week 27 will also include another reflection or two. Just posted on this morning in fact.

Day 180

Day 181

Not all reflections are in water. The one below on glass of a sun porch was very satisfying. And the peony blooming against the pink rocks was very opportune. That night we got a tremendous hail storm and it was shredded. Nature can be a bitch at times.

Day 182

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