Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 28 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 190 - Tattered poppies

Week 28 was a very busy week. Having the camera out daily or using it when I remembered it did not always happen. But I had photos I had not yet processed from the trip to Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument and a one lucky day with the camera which came late in the week. Some of those photos will be in week 29. Week 28 was a total wash out due to rains and just stuff that got in the way.

Day 191 - Low water in the Rio Grande

As I post the picture above I find myself hoping that recent rains have raised the level of the water and covered some of these rocks. But I am also grateful I got the opportunity to take this picture with all the rocks exposed. Besides being an art, photography is a wonderful recorder of slices of time.

Day 192

I live in a beautiful state and there are many wonderful things to aim a camera at. And through the back of my mind runs the thought of how many other people have taken this same shot. I want a unique photo which the tourist above, sheltering from the sun with an umbrella, provided.  They were oriental and struck what seemed to me the perfect oriental pose.

Day 193

Day 193 A - a second look

I loved this old bridge and the way it seemed to divide up the sky. I even did a black and white version of this shot. I posted two this week because I was feeling a bit guilty not having gotten any new pictures. A lot of my friends that do the 365 day challenge do it to make themselves take pictures. I do it to make myself review and process the photos I take. Sometimes I think I am snap happy.

Day 194 - Grasses moving into the stream

Day 194 - Black and White
It is easy to get sucked into the panoramas offered by the American southwest. Sometimes they are overwhelming. Nice to turn the camera to some of the details. The tall grasses in the shallows and the ribs of the bridge across the Rio Grande are some of those details. And I think the grasses growing in the shallows of the river provided one of my best images.

Day 195

And the ribs of this umbrella with the shadows of the leaves of aspens was a gift. I was sitting down on the porch of a friend and looked up. Yes, I obviously like straight lines bisecting the sky or the shadows of the sky. I love textures and details and shadows and reflections. And even when I get presented with sweeping vistas often capture the seldom seen details instead.

That said I do from time to time find a vista that especially draws me. I had gone to the river with my friend, Jessica to find a new image to paint. That is what I used to do with my photography. Only did with my photography. The camera was in lieu of a sketch pad. I believe I will paint the image below. But before I could commit to that I had to unpaint some of it. There used to be a roof of park structure directly behind the fisherman. I cloned or painted it out.

Day 196

So followers of the Week in Review here get nine photos instead of just seven. The rains of this week will bring flowers. And I promise to do better with taking the camera for a walk.

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