Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 30 - 365 day Photography Challenge

Day 204

Week 30 I was out and about with my photography friend, Terry Atkin Rowe, from Virginia. Photographers do not ask why you are taking another picture of just pots, or boards or painted metal roofing because they are right beside you taking pictures too. I cannot say same pictures because even if to the untrained eye we are standing in the same place aiming at the same grouping of pots at Jackalope in Santa Fe I can guarantee we are taking a different picture.

Day 205 - the one and true cross

I would love to take a photographic workshop at Jackalope. It would be so much fun to roam around the piles and displays with say 20 other people with cameras and later look at the pictures they took. I bet there would not be two the same. And it isn't all about the picture taken but the post processing afterwards. Day 204 required the removal of a lot of price tags - true cloning practice. And there were also several in Day 205. I missed one, however. Can you spot it. It would be difficult to take out with the clone too but it could be cropped out easily. And I am not totally happy with this crop for another reason. What do you think that is?

Day 206 - New Muffler Needed

Another stop for Terry and I was the old Dirt Floor Gallery that is abandoned. We did not break in because there was plenty to occupy our artistic eyes on the outside of the creative junk yard establishment. The photo above was part of a wind break?

Day 207 - Meanwhile back at Jackalope

The Dirt Floor Art Gallery and Jackalope were to different days. But while I cleaned my scan disc of images from the day along the Rio Grande I did not have time to post process any photos until after Bandeleir National Monument which was the day after Jackalope. Photos taken at popular tourist stops often fail to win my heart. So I lapse back to giving my attention to Jackalope pots or rusting metal walls. First they are the photo less taken and second they are more what I want them to be.

Day 208 - the Second true cross?

I love patterns to the point of almost abstraction. And I confess to reducing some of the Canyon Walls to just that - abstractions. But that will come in Week 32. I took enough photographs during the few brief days my photographer friend was about that I can fill several weeks without taking another new digital image.

Day 209 - Cloning graduation exam

The above photo did not have as many price tags as the first image but they were in more difficult places. And I did not miss a one. Note to Jackalope - put them inside the pots.

Day 210 - Heavy Metal Pollack

And then there is my masterpiece for the week - a photo that took absolutely no post processing or digital manipulation. But it is a masterpiece of framing your shot. I really want to print it on canvas and hang it on my studio wall and mark it sold for the first copy. There really is no explaining what an artist will take pride in.

Second favorite is the leading photo and I worked hard at getting all the price labels off those pots. Every single one had a white price tag. But again it is the framing of shot I am most proud of. I had to cant the camera and bend over just so to get the composition just right. So I repeat: It is not about your camera or even your mastery of the dry darkroom. There is no substitute for the artistic eye.

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  1. Absolutely true about the artistic eye and you have it - beautifully composed & processed.


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