Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 31 - 365 Day Challenge 213

Day 211 - My Yellow Chevrolet
Been an interesting week. Entirely too busy to get out with the camera so I have revisited photographs I took in a past couple of weeks. Once the also rans in the post processing race they really shocked me. I am questioning some of my first decisions.

Day 212 - Moon Flower

I focused my attention on the full moon flowers and had taken this photo just because of the lines in the trumpet shape. I love its shy presentation.

Day 213
Nothing shy about this cliff face. But the natural tuff of its construction is rather dull. So I tried to spice it up with a sepia treatment. Subtle didn't work. Pushed the intensity of the sepia and came up with orange cliffs and sky.

Day 214
But on the more subtle side is this one of a dry creek bed. Lots of those around in this drought. There have been wetter times because the basalt rocks are worn smooth and some fairly large rocks got washed into the cracks with the sand which provides a foothold for tough native grasses.

Day 215

Another look at the girders on the old bridge across the Rio Grande. And another trip. Love the shapes it divides the sky and canyons into.

Day 216

Another look at the Bandeleir Canyon walls. The colors were a surprise when I pushed the saturation on this image.

Day 217
This is what the walls look like in shadow of the morning. But nature does its own painting with the lacquer running down with the rain from the mesa tops.

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  1. Always a good visit to see your interpretations of the world. And the accompanying comments round out the picture.


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