Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 34 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 236 - Big Blue

Going to break with my tradition here and open with my favorite photo from the week instead of posting them in order. I love old cars and trucks. And they have proven to be favorites of my frequent buyers too. This is a truck on the road to Raton I have always wanted to stop and photograph. And this last week on my way back from Trinidad, Colorado I finally did.

The trip to Trinidad was to visit with the acting director of TAAC, Trinidad Area Arts Council, about a one woman show of my paintings. But I will, however, include some of my photography. I want to focus the show around Colors as a possible theme so Big Blue would fit right in. A lot of my photos from this week would but I began the week with a black and white of the frequently photographed Sentinel Tree.

Day 232 - Ravens on Sentry Duty

Ravens and hawks are constant visitors to the Sentinel Tree on the hill across from my house and so have been photographed more than once. I was looking for a different treatment and this one had a nice stark feel. I even like the graininess as if an old photograph.

Day 233 - My favorite geranium

I had run through all my Jackalope photographs and had to revert to picking up my camera. The geraniums are right at the studio door so I did not have to go far. But Wednesday's scheduled meeting in Trinidad, Colorado provided me with some great opportunities to snap.

Day 234 - Patterns in Shadow

The above photo is based on the shadow cast by the sculpture at the end of this blog. The patterns laid in the brick and the spider like feel of the shadow could not be resisted.

Day 235

Trinidad Old Town area offers so many opportunities to be creative. In previous visits I was focused on reflections and architectural details but this trip abstract patterns held my interest. This railing and the textures of the old paint and the poured foundation really appealed to me. And the fire escape on the building below against the texture of the brick also merited a few clicks of the shutter and them time post processing.

Day 237

And last is the canary in a cage sculpture honoring miners who lost their lives in the industry which founded Trinidad. I have photographed it before. And it has been featured in my 365 day challenge blogs in the past. This is the fiesta version.

Day 238

There are more Trinidad photos in the coming week but I also promise to actively take the camera with me on little jaunts too. When life gets really busy with mundane chores it can get left behind.

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