Friday, August 9, 2013

A few of my favorite photos from this week

Memorial and the storm by J. Binford-Bell

Yes, there is the 365 Day Photography Challenge post coming up for the week. But there were an abundance of photos that caught my eye this week. They were happenstance photos. I went out with my camera just in case and was rewarded.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial against an angry sky

The draw back of leaving in New Mexico, if there is one, is we often take for granted the beauty at our doorsteps. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a photographer's dream subject. I doubt there are any bad pictures of it. The clouds this Wednesday gave it that extra special touch.

Door to the Chapel

And the clouds brought much needed rain. And almost overnight the valley was green.  It made you realize just how long it has been since it was this green.

How green is the valley

Go away I am eating

It really did look like some place other than New Mexico. It reminded me of the Smokey Mountains or West Virginia. The humidity in the air, something we are not accustomed to, added with the light filtered through clouds an ethereal feel.

Old Barn by J. Binford-Bell

And the rain brings the flowers by J. Binford-Bell

I just could not shuffle these photos away for a daily post. They were taken on two different days but they record one event in the valley - when we got rain.


  1. Really wonderful photographs, Jacqui! I love the tones. And, yes, I don't "feel" New Mexico there at all. :-)

  2. These are fantastic. The scenic views look almost like paintings.

    I would love to see inside the chapel.

    1. The chapel is small and for me very claustrophobic. Its one redeeming feature is the silence. Lighting and an almost three story tall narrow window make it difficult to photograph.


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