Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 33 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 225

This week is all Jackalope still lifes.  The week that Terry Atkin Rowe was here from Virginia yielded a plethora of photographs and as I would work through my folders I would dived them into folders for the 365 day challenge through this week. Next week's folder is empty which means I have to take the camera out and take pictures again. The good news is that there is a trip to Trinidad, Colorado scheduled on Wednesday.

And there are uploads of photographs I have not touched beyond reviewing briefly on the computer. So I should not panic. Yet.

Day 226
I liked this display of colorful Mexican dinner ware and skulls. These are the real colors, but I added an effect to bring out the gloss of the enamels. The good news with this photo was not very many price stickers to remove.

Day 227

Days 227 and 228 were my favorite for the week. No extraordinary post processing for the lintels above but I confess to moving the yellow metal sun flower into the frame by hand at Jackalope. The pottery below, however, did undergo the application of an artistic effect. But I did not move a single pot. I took the photo with the camera off angle to get some diagonal movement.

Day 228

I like old mining cars and old iron. I keep searching for the idea post processing combination for them. This treatment did accent the grains of the wood and the mottled surface of the iron. There was a price sticker that I cloned out so it is obviously for sale. I think I would hate seeing it as a planter.

Day 229

Day 230

Indonesia and Thailand and other Asian countries have mastered taking new wood and turning it into old wood and "creating" antique features to add to your mega expensive adobe home in Santa Fe. I would not live in an adobe building but it does not prevent me from photographing some of this made-with-slave-labor treasures.

Day 231

I have taken so many pictures of agave. I love them. Unfortunately I live to high up for them to be an outdoor plant for me. But I do have a baby agave as a house plant. I liked the pottery background for this one. It is a huge pot that has been halved and set on its top rim. Jackalope owners are masters of making use of what probably was a broken pot and turning it into an alcove for plants or for a votive area for a carved saint.

Next week no Jackalope. I promise.

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