Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 40 - 365 Day Challenge 2013

Day 274

Fall going into winter but in odd shifts and starts. One day it is summer and then there is frost on the windows. Much is still green and yet there is a deepening of the reflections in the ponds due to the clarity of the water. Greens seem a bit more edgy and hits of yellow creep into the scene. But it is not going to be the spectacular fall of last year. I urge my fans to see the page on this site about aspens. Last yer was just fantastic but the long drought and late rains did not help the colors this year.

Day 275

Another pond reflection I could not help but stand on edge.  Accident in post processing. I was trying to undo and action and instead changed the rotation by 90 degrees. Was about to change it back when I noticed the wonderful abstract nature of the composition. Rather looks like Van Gogh or Monet.

Day 276

Flowers are not necessarily my favorite subject especially in the outdoors. But when bored I can quite fall in love with the orchids in a green house. The photograph above also looks like a painting. Love the juxtaposition of the front and backs of the orchids on the stalk.

Day 277

Reflections in ponds are a favorite subject but reflections in glass are also a frequent subject. I like the layering effect of the stained glass windows and the flowers behind it and the trees behind me.

Day 278
Fall colors as I said earlier are not great but had to take a picture of these mailboxes with the shedding cotton woods behind them. I took the same photo a couple years ago in a late snow storm. Time of year and weather can make a huge difference in a subject.

Day 279

As can position. I have photographed this statue before but against another wall without the light streaming through the glass. The light makes her seem more alive and if almost ready to move.

Day 280

A little chapel in Taos on Witt Road I discovered this week. Amazing what one misses in an area frequently traveled. Pictures of churches and chapels once comprised the majority of my photographs because I took them as studies for paintings. And this one may well become a little painting less the sign and the porch lights at with at least one gate open.

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  1. Oh I love the pond reflection at it's 90 degree angle. I had to study it to see what its reality was (before reading your explanation). It made me pick up the nuances of texture and color and really study the distortion. Wonderful. I love the orchid with that background too-- I agree, is like a painting.


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