Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 43 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 295
It has been one of those weeks were taking photos was not the issue. Keeping track of them was. I got them mis-numbered as I posted them. And some I never transferred to a week folder. And I must confess the numbers on the folders on my computer do not agree with the week number on these posts. None of which is all that important to my readers.

The new camera continues to work well on the old flash disk. And I did manage to find some brilliant fall colors to record. The first couple are from the same photo trip my friend and I took the week before.

Day 296

As I have mentioned before the 365 day challenge for me is not so much taking the picture as processing the photos I do take. In the film days I was always leaving an unfinished roll in my camera. Or worse yet, undeveloped rolls in my camera bag. The digital age has been a help with that. But there are still times when I will go back through my uploads (or is it downloads) and realize I never did anything with that one day's photos. Or pick up the camera, check for battery level, and photos left on disk and discover I had not downloaded (or is it uploaded) several.

Day 297

And the challenge has shown me I rather like the days when without a new photo to post I chum back through past files and find one whose glory I have not fully developed. Day 297 was water and mud with shadows and reflections. And I got to turn it into an abstract. I think it was raining outside and I wanted to so remember the sunshine.

Day 298

Day 298, 299 and 300 were taken at a green house I watch over, and which presents me with endless subjects to photograph. Confession: I am not a flower photographer nor flower painter. But I can be seduced into being a digital artist with flowers.

Day 299

But I love the greenhouse most for the endless possibilities of reflections on and through the glass. Day 300 is my favorite photo of the week. It is not a double exposure or a layered composition in the dry darkroom. It is reflections in glass while taking a photo through glass from the outside in. And the windows opposite had more reflections to add.

Day 300 - Alice through the glass

I took a lot of photographs this week. And I posted photo blogs on Sidetracked Charley and albums on Facebook with many of them, so I found myself running short on picks of the day. In fact, I currently have no photos for the current week. But I do think I have photos on the camera I have not up or down loaded.

Day 301 - Winter coming

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