Sunday, January 12, 2014

Swallowing Sea

Phare de La Jument off Brittany Coast by Jean Guichard

The seas
beat with the rhythm
of waves and tides
they ebb and flow
and swallow.

The swallowing seas
take down to the bottom
boats and men
and pirates.

The tides
roar on to the beaten shore
smash the waves
against rocks
and beacons.

Swallowing waves
undercutting docks and towers
the sand 
beneath or feet
turning land 
to sea

J. Binford-Bell
January 2014


  1. Amazing. The sheer power and immensity. Eternally shaping our world.

  2. Your words picked up the power of the scene. When you talked of monsters and men I honestly thought we were going to be treated to a scenario from Pirates of the Caribbean but I was wrong. This is far more real.

  3. The sea will, hopefully, win in the end.


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