Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week One of 2014 Images

Day One - Bright New Year

We always seem to want to begin the new year with a bang and rush out of the gate with all promise and energy but I had very divided focus the first week of the year. Much of the time I would rather be in my studio painting, drawing, stretching canvases or just planning future paintings. The camera was frequently forgotten or just picked up as an afterthought as I led the dogs out for the morning walk. A couple times I even forgot it then and quickly snapped a picture at my computer desk like the one below.

Day Two - Now where did I put the stapler?

And day three was a black and white treatment of the photos taken on day one. I liked the quality of light that dawn. BTW the glowing shaft of light to the lower left of the sentinel tree is not someone beaming down but the sun striking a telephone connection box.

Day three

Day four - geometric shapes

On Friday, January 3rd I had to wait for a friend in a parking lot in Santa Fe. I had remembered my camera that day because it fills large voids of time. I am not a patient person. As I child I ran with scissors and now I stalk buildings with cameras. This was a particularly interesting building and you will see more of it in week two. This photo yielded another mysterious element - the orb coming out of opening in the wall. Probably a lens flare but that's boring. I like its round shape against the sharp lines of the geometry of the building.

Obviously it was going to be a week of strange artifacts in photographs. The photograph below is of a stain on the wall due to seepage of water from the lower pipe (black round hole). The sun or moon is actually a PVC lined hole through which the sunlight was coming. Believe it or not I did not do much post processing on this image. Just tone mapping and a filter to bring out the texture of the stucco wall. The title says Madonna but I think it looks more like a Navajo Yeh.

Day five - Madonna of the wall

Day six and seven I was back to forgetting to take the camera outside. I was spending computer time working on post processing of more photographs from the parking lot. And when off the computer I was painting in the studio. I had the camera there to take progress photos of Cloud Spinner. And among those photos was a still life and a geranium to wrap up the week.

Day Six

Last year during my love affair with still lifes I fell in love with several blur applications on my post processing program. Then I got the new megapixel camera and began a love affair with total clarity for a moment in time. I was happy to rediscover blur this week. There can be TMI in a photograph. Something to be said for the dreamy vintage look because it can make the ordinary seem special.

Day seven

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  1. They're all so interesting and lovely. Love the cloud texture in the first picture, the stark color and edges in "geometric shapes" and how the blur in the final picture focuses the eye on the texture, color and design of the flower in the final.


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