Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week Three of 2014 in Images

Day 15
All the images from this third week of 2014 were taken on January 4th as I entertained myself in a parking lot waiting for a friend. In week three I revisited this photo file and came up with different digital dark room interpretations of this walls.

Day 16

Before spending this week working and reworking a small set of images I was not that aware of all the varying possibilities of simple walls. In image one I changed color and saturation and played with hue. In the next I just played with the saturation and tone. The image below is without color.

Day 17

Color can get in the way of shape and line and shadows. And can also be too real. In the photo below the box shapes at the far end of the shadow dominated ramp are disposal containers for medical waste. In black and white they could be robots or just interesting shapes placed for artistic purposes.

Day 18

Day 19 made its appearance in the previous Week Two blog. I figured it deserved a day of its own this week.

Day 19

Day 20 was included in the previous week in black and white and without a crop. I said I looked and re-looked at a small group of images. I think often my first instinct is the best but that is not always true.

Day 20
In this version of the same photo it becomes more just an abstract painting than a slice of wall.

Day 21

I included the drains mounted on the wall because of the starkness of the wall behind them and the shadows. Shadows play a major part in this week of wall images. Next week is all about shadows.

I am not going to promise to have each of the 52 weeks of 2014 be on a theme or subject or area of exploration but there is a benefit to me as a growing photographic artist to do this and so as a reader of these blogs you will be able to look over my shoulder as I give myself assignments.

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