Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week Four of 2014 in Images

Day 22

I gave myself the assignment of shadows this fourth week of January 2014. Shadows are present in most photographs but sometimes they are dominant enough that they are the object of the photograph and sometimes merely a major element. And sometimes they merely alter the primary object of the photo.

The preponderance of the photos this week, both those I used and those I did not, were black and white. If you are photographing the shadow what need color after all? And initially what drove me to photograph a shadow was how it was altered by the surface it was cast upon, as in Day 22, or how it altered the landscape upon which it lay as in Day 23.

Day 23

Day 24 was more of a duet, as it were. The photograph is the marriage of the shadow with the objects casting that shadow. I was quite happy with Day 24.

Day 24

The element of the shadows in the picture below were very static until I tilted the camera to take the picture. It made the depressions of the melting foot prints in the snow more a part of the photo too. They seem to lace themselves through the dark lines.

Day 25

Day 26 was a real puzzle. I was drawn to the shadow across the urn because it seemed to be Pi running.
And yet in an extreme crop which I played with it looked more like a distorted moon rising. Does the shadow steal the show? Probably.

Day 26

Day 27

If day 26 was a failure Day 27 was a success. The shadows wrap over the mound of snow not unlike the shadow of the rail wraps around the urn and they are fanned out by prospective unlike the shadows in Day 25. The shadows in this photograph create movement and are married like the bench and shadow picture with the grove of trees casting the shadows.

The photo below of the temple bell another attempt at marrying a strong shadow with an object like the urn in Day 26. Unlike the urn it works. And maybe it is because of my intent. Day 26 was about the shadow and Day 28 was about the bell.

Day 28

Week five is open. After a week of walls and a week of shadows I want freedom.

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  1. I love shadows and you've captured them beautifully.


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