Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 5 - 2014 in Images

Day 29

My mind has been into painting. Photography has taken a definite back seat. I still take the camera when I go our or to just do a spin around the house and studio. But mostly the camera has been picked up to take progress photos of paintings I am working on. Besides the January landscape (and I am mostly interested in landscapes) has been very boring. Not any snow and too early for spring flowers and the sky has been largely gray. Except for that one cold day when the fog froze on the trees.

Day 30
Now that was a sky that day. New Mexico can have such awesome skies. They are not just blue but all shads of blue and sometimes on the same day and in the same photo. But that was one day out of a week of days and soon I was back to aiming my camera at just anything. I have weeks during the 365 days of the year when I am taking so many photos I do not have to take any more for maybe a month but I do and I get way ahead on the photo of the day task. Not this last couple of weeks.

Day 31
So I go back and borrow from previous weeks. This one was Day 28 in black and white last week. I like it in color.

Day 32

I love color and I have been working on paintings in vivid colors at the moment because it is so very gray outside. So gray I was hoping for white. But when the white came it too seemed gray. It did not do that New Mexico thing of snowing and then clearing up so you had the stark contrast of blue sky and white land.

Day 33
No sunshine so even the red of the tail lights beneath the snow looked grayed. And the landscapes were just shades of gray.

Day 34

So when I took a picture of my black and white cat in a sunspot in the studio I was not satisfied even with the rust colored carpet. I had to play with color.

Day 35 - Scrappy in neon

So if the weather doesn't improve expect more insane play in the dry darkroom this next week.


  1. Love the journey - even when it's modified by events.

  2. Wow girl, you had me beside you every step of the way. Brilliant post and the pics are fantastic. Love what you did with kitty too. Gotta have colour!


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