Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 7 - 2014 one day at a time

Day 43

Photography has definitely taken a back seat to painting this week. As I wrap up week 7 there is not a single photo for week 8 set aside and no images I have not uploaded on my camera. Yes, I have used the camera this week but to record progress on paintings, and to record the finished image for use on blogs and website. And that is what I most used the camera for before winning my first prize in a photo competition.

Day 44

I confess, I took this one last week but had played with a couple of my favorite photo tools and came up with this marbled look.  I was on hold on the telephone and bored.

Day 45
I took several photos of this tree looking up from its base and found I am far more comfortable with it leaning to the right than to the left. I asked myself that question because of a tidbit of information about persuading someone. You should stand where they have to look to their left.

Day 46
Black and whites look best with a busy sky. I suppose the budding out aspen branches make the sky busy enough.

Day 47
The not spring of this not winter we are having seems to lend itself to black and white photographs and my grey mood. But I think it is more because I am painting in brilliant colors at the moment and find the stark B&W actually restful. Decided to add a splash of color to the week.

Day 48
I tilted my camera to the left on this photo. It provides a nice diagonal pattern with the edges of the wall. If you look closely you can see the tilted light switch behind the flowers. Nobody has.

Day 49
 Also taken last week when we still had snow on the ground. The spring like temps have melted almost all of it away. Maybe this next week there will be green grass.

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