Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 8 - 2014 in Images

Spent my week in the studio. The winds outside just didn't cry out for a photography trip. Besides I was busy finishing a painting and photography all my recent pictures to enter four into the New Mexico Women Artists show at the Old Pass Gallery in Raton. The photo below is rather typical of my week.

Day 50
Throwing myself into my work

Week 51 - Bashful Orchid

I have been following this one orchid at a friend's greenhouse. It has had buds for what seems to be months and this week one of the buds began to open. This was also the day I knew my Nikon D3200 was failing. It is just four months old and its failure has been as slow as this bud opening.

Day 52

This Crown of Thorns above is in my studio and always blooming so it was easy to photograph it between shoots on the paintings.

Day 53

Had to go out to the shed to look for a box of the appropriate size to ship the under warranty camera back to Nikon. Wind does not effect cattle panels and wood. I had my camera with me because I was still doing photos with it and recording its failures so I could fill out the return form in detail. This one was in focus. Love the lines.

Day 54
Back to the Nikon D90. It is less pixels but still takes an amazing photo. Nikon D3200 stripped and in box and winging to California. But before I shipped it I took the photo below. Most of it not in focus but it was still a great picture.

Day 55
The photo below was with my Nikon D90 on the same setting and all the dried flower is in focus. I love my Nikon D90. And maybe when it is back from repair I will love my D3200.

Day 56

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