Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week Six - 2014 in Images

Day 36
Winter had been so rare that year, one had to pause to recognize it.

We finally got a bit of winter this week. It merited recording. This is also been a week when I have been actively revising my definition of photography. The digital world has mad it so much more than just the recording of events or chronicling a great sunset. And a whole subset of photography has grown up which finds it limiting to be called photographers. Terms like digital artist or digital painter are bantered about. Nobody knows quite what to do with us.

Day 37
House to let

I am not quite sure what to do. Photography was initially and adjunct to my painting. And then it became a replacement for my painting. And then it became this other art I practice. I am not just into pretty pictures. I want windows into another world. I want to record what the casual viewer walking through the landscape may often miss. Make the ordinary stand out.

Day 38
The old bell stood silent witness.

I am probably a bad photographer in the classic definition because I really do not care about f-stop or that painful clarity of detail which distracts often from the image. I do not lug tripods around. I walk through my world and record what strikes my fancy.

Day 39
Winter came early that year before the gardening was quite done.

I have all these pixels at my disposal and software to manipulate the image. My goal is to capture what others miss. Everyone with a soul stops in awe of a sunset but they miss the icicles blowing in the freezing rain.

Day 41
A moment frozen in time
Of that for one short moment the sun came out behind the week of clouds and created a shadow across the snow.

Day 42
The shadow entity
But the last few weeks I have gone back to my original use for photography. Recording my progress with painting.

Day 40
Soon to be High Pueblo Dawn I hope

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