Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week 15 - 2014 in Images

Day 99
This week ended with a whole day in Santa Fe with most of it spent at Eye Associates of New Mexico. And all I have to say about that is thank heaves for auto focus cameras and lenses. But as my cataracts have gotten worse rapidly I have noticed my affinity for anything but pinpoint focus in images. I gone for reflections in the newly melted pond water and for haze of clouds over mountains.

Day 100
And, of course, my fondness for bright manipulation of images. The watery reflections remind my of Monet paintings. He has always been one of my favorites. The one blow reminds me of his lily pads. And the only manipulation in Day 101 was the wind kicking up the ripples across the pond.

Day 101
However, I did play with the colors in Day 102. And used one of my favorite filters to give it an enameled appearance. I confess that was in part due to the ducks being out of focus because my camera chose the reflections nearest to the bank and I didn't notice it. Yes, I could have just consigned it to the trash but I loved the composition of this pond picture.

Day 102
Saturday I went to Old Town Gallery in Cimarron for a workshop on metal embossing. Great fun. And Cimarron is one of my favorite places to run around with a camera. The next two photographs are from the Old Town area of Cimarron. To like Cimarron you do have to get off of State Highway 64. Cimarron will also be represented in Week 16.

Day 103
I love focusing on windows and doors. The word window one of my fans on Binford-Bell Studio informs me it comes from the Scandinavian for winds eye. That fits with my sense that windows are the eyes of a building.

Day 104

Question of the morning is are ponds the eyes of the earth? The Navajo believe Coyote led the Dine' or people up through holes in the earth to the surface. While doing photography in Arches and Canyonlands I saw some of the holes the winds had carved in the rock as possible portals. But wouldn't the spirits have covered the actual entries to this world better like with water and reflections to obscure your vision?

Day 105


  1. wonderful work, your compositions are so pleasing - and your colors enchanting. My favorite, though, is the black and white landscape - I have an affinity for black and white work.


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