Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 17 - 2014 in Images

Day 113 - Picnic Anyone?

By April 23rd my vision in my right eye was definitely inhibited by the cataract which was scheduled for removal on the 25th. Instructions were to not spend time on the computer post surgery for a week or more. So I set up a week of photos ahead. And good I did because on the 23rd a corrupted Windows 7 file began to prevent me opening several of my software programs including photo editing.

Day 114 - Laundry day in Cimarron

Fortunately I had enjoyed a couple weeks of great photography and edited far more than I had posted. Always good to clean up your photo files but do not make them too clean.

Day 115 - Spring?

My friend and I had great weather down to Santa Fe and back but then it began snowing again. Yes, it is very late April but we are finally getting moisture in the high country. The photo above, however, was taken from the snow of the week before.

Day 116 - Dawn's early light

Day 117

Day 118
By the 26th my vision had cleared and I was out with my camera but the computer still is not functioning correctly. It is off to the computer doctor today. But fortunately I still have my laptop with Adobe 5 on it for some computer editing. I love this capture with the elk and geese in the same frame.

Day 119 - Elk and Geese

It was a great welcome back to the world of clear vision if not advanced photo editing.

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