Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 16 - 2014 in Images

Day 106

Wrapped up week 16 posts today and looked at the folder for week 17. It is currently near empty. Usually I have a few already added to the coming week. And never have I needed those extras nore than this week. My rapidly growing cataract has gotten to the point computer time is painful. And photo post processing definitely takes computer time. Surgery is Friday and no doubt will take a couple days out of my photography time. And recovery time will limit my computer time.

The camera is auto focus. My distance vision is still good enough for framing and selection of an image. So I have no doubt I will take pictures this next week. I will drop the promising ones into Week 18 folder on my computer but I am not going to be processing any new photos beyond today. I cannot guarantee a photo a day posted.

Day 107

There are some interesting Cimarron pictures that took a back seat to those I did post this last week. And the spring snow storm offered up more great images than I had time to post. So maybe I can fill the Week 17 and maybe even dump some photos into Week 18. When I did a weekly essay column for newspapers I was always a couple weeks ahead to be able to cover for the unexpected.

Day 108

There are just no promises in the world these days. I have a couple friends going through horrid times with those they love. Life and death issues of a soul mate are serious. So in retrospect my ability to see well enough to post process a photograph seems rather lame.

Or my doubts that I can see tomorrow well enough to photograph the world around me. The camera can. Totally auto settings have their place. I will be able to photograph the world I increasingly cannot see so well.

Day 109

I noticed in a review of this week my photographs were increasingly the long shots. Even the mid-range photos were taken with a long lens. BTW long lens zooms can often take great macros. Have not tried that yet with my new lens. I might try that today with this new lens.

Day 110

The snow this week was transforming. Some great images were easy to not miss. Now we are getting rain. You have to look harder for good images in rain.

Day 111

But rain makes for some nice gray tones and great subdued lighting like in the photo below and a couple I have posted on my Facebook page.

Day 112

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