Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 13 - 2014 in Images

Day 85

It was a colorful week of mostly spring weather. Which means windy mostly. But their were idyllic days which were perfect to grab the camera and get out of the studio. I was working on another new painting so at times (like windy afternoons) my attention was divided. It was also the week of the newest piece of photographic equipment -- a 4x4 pick up truck.

Day 86 - Big Blue

Since my sister left with her Rubicon I have felt limited in my explorations of the wonderful forest that surrounds me. And facing a dry summer with fire danger I wanted a bug out vehicle. I took all the standard photos of the new to me GMC Sierra when a friend asked why I didn't do my usual old car series with it. Hence day 86. It came with studded snow tires. And then came the first day all winter I needed them. Freezing rain topped with 2 inches of snow. It then changed back to freezing rain. The picture below was from inside the pickup as rain froze on the windows.

Day 87

Spring brings the clouds which put on the dramatic exhibitions for photographers. My studio faces out upon the dawn so my camera is always out within easy reach mornings.

Day 88
Color is also creeping back into the winter wood. Even the pines, an evergreen, have a different green in the spring. And the leafless aspens are beginning to bud. Ice melts on the ponds and what was once white becomes a deep and reflective blue.

Day 89

My studio, as I mentioned faces east toward the rising sun, but I have missed some sunsets. A friend called my attention to this one when it was just a promise. It later turned red but the gold was so wonderful.

Day 90
On Day 91 I realized I was a photo short for my daily post on Binford-Bell Studio page in Facebook. I literally took this picture and processed it on that morning. The joys of digital. I remember waiting until I had all 36 frames exposed on a roll of film before extracting it from my Nikon.

On this upload there were also some progress photos of All Souls, the painting I am currently working on.

Day 91

Now that the Nikon D3200 is fixed I am much happier with it. But the D90 still has its place in my camera bag largely because the 70 - 300 mm lens does not work on the D3200. It is my oldest lens and has had some issues lately. Next week pictures taken with the new auto focus long lens for the D3200. Spoiler alert: I do not have a long zoom to take bird pictures. I have it for landscapes and sunsets and the occasional elk.

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