Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 12 - 2014 in Images

Day 78

Winter came this week (note I did not say returned) but sporadically and halfheartedly. Spring had already made inroads with the melting of ponds and the fluffing out of aspens getting read to leaf and bloom. Pictures became a strange mix of seasons.

Day 79
The first color of spring in the mountains is blue. The skies turn almost teal, the just melted ponds a sapphire, and the shadows a deep Prussian. All in contrast with the white snow and the white trunks of Aspens.

Day 80
It is hard to not take pictures. But it has to be done fast because all too quickly the spring snow is melting. The snow on the branches falls on your head and soon you are walking in mud. Good time to retreat in doors. The weather can change rapidly in the spring which I much prefer over extended storms.

Day 81

Day 82

There is something about the melting of ponds which gets me going on reflections be they in water or glass.

Day 83

The pond below is my favorite for reflections but it is almost always the last to melt. Still well worth waiting for with the shades of blue reflected in the ice and open water.

Day 84

Today it is snowing again and the sky looks like the one in Day 83. Never fear. It will not last long.

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  1. It is such a pleasure to see your work through your sharp eyes. The reflections photo is amazing, almost makes me appreciate abstract art.


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