Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Nine - 2014 in Images

Day 57 - Full Studio

With the Nikon D3200 at the repair facility for Nikon, and busy working on paintings destined for The Old Pass Gallery in Raton a lot of my photography lately has gotten shoved off to the side. Biggest photo shoot this week was Trinidad after I dropped off these paintings in Raton. So far nobody has ever visited my studio when it is in this type of total chaos but that is not unwelcome.

Day 58
Reflections of Trinidad

As soon as the paintings went to Raton I began going through my photographs to pick entries for the Ralph R. Solano Memorial Photography Exhibit in April. So it went from a mess in my studio to a mess in my computer corner. BTW, Day 58 above, is one of the photos I picked to be printed on metallic paper to be matted and framed for entry.

Day 60
Umbrella on Main

And when I sent Day 58 off to the printer I had not yet post processed Day 60 or it might have gone along instead of one of the other three I sent.

Day 62
Umbrella in the window

I love umbrellas and reflections and windows. I could looking back through my photographs mount a small exhibition on each. What surprises me are the number of umbrellas.

Day 61

Yes, the day numbers are out of sync because I wanted to place the photographs by subject. This is one of the photos I took off the beaten track in Trinidad. And yes, another reflection.

Day 63
Caboose House
I really want a caboose on my property. Prefer red but the green is nice. Really wanted to begin renovations but was satisfied taking a photograph instead. Hope to go back soon and take more photos.

Day 59

Will end this week's review with Day 59 which I took before departing to Raton and Trinidad.  It just seemed so out of place with the week's activities.

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  1. I love the way your work turns photographs into paintings.


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