Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week Ten - 2014 in Images

Day 64

The week was a lot about sunrises. And and sky watching. Spring is here and no telling what the weather will be on any given day. We have actually gotten some snow. Wet, spring snow.

Day 65
It certainly has made for more interesting things to point a camera at. But I admit to still having my mind in painting, and perhaps all the more so since the studio has been so warm most days with the warm spells between the fleeting snows.

Day 66

Day 67
Nikon notified me the D3200 was coming back so I seemed to want to use my D90 more on those spring skies with their new clouds.

Day 68
I took the picture above of the ever faithful Sentinel tree because of the clouds. I want to do some clouds like this in a painting. And this photo is proof there are clouds like this.

Day 69
And spring brings clear ice which freezes into such wonderful patterns. Ice in winter is white. So out an about with the camera to record the ice and in the afternoon attack the garden prep. Or hop in the car and head to the local thrift shop in search of a better camera bag for the two cameras. When the 3200 came back I could not find where I had put its accessories and batteries, etc.

Day 70

Meanwhile I sent off four new photographs to be printed for entry into an exhibit. They should be here tomorrow. It is always interesting to see my digital images in concrete form. That happens with such a small percentage of the photos I take. But they are always there and available for anyone to purchase in whatever size. Stop by the studio this weekend and see the new painting and the four new photographic prints.


  1. Amazing how much your photograph of ice reminds me of your painting - lovely lines & colors.

  2. Sometimes I look at the mountains and clouds where I live and think, "they look like a painting". People may think that they are more imagination than fact, but when you live here, you see it as truth. Lovely.


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