Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 11 - 2014 in Images

Day 71
I love reflections be they in glass or mirrors or ponds. I took the opening photo of the week quickly. I want to revisit the China cabinet and spend more time. It has been a busy week and my HAADD has sprung into full force. A week to make lists in order to get everything done I needed to do. Taxes loom. I avoid.

Day 72

And photos have been catch as catch can. The Nikon D3200 is back and performing well but I am treating it a bit like a test drive. I can tell I am a great deal more comfortable with my old D90.

Day 73
This week's subject matter is certainly varied in part because of the test driving of the D3200 as well as not taking a lot of time to seek out photographic opportunities. A bit reminiscent of the old photography 101 assignment where you must take pictures as you march across campus finals week. At some point you will aim at random leaves or stray clouds. But this week did give me some interesting weather.

Day 74

The sentinel tree is my neighbor across the street and I have photographed it a thousand times. It is a perch for the ravens and the hawks and a point of interest set against clouds and always catches the first rays of the sun coming over the mountain. These clouds signal a change of weather and no need to go much further than my porches for pictures.

Day 75

Snow came again. Snow of the heels of freezing rain following rain. Lots of moisture in comparison with the last two months. We have not had enough snow to cover the grass since early December I think. But at least this counted for snow.

Day 76

And it kept trying for a few days. It looked like it could be very serious when I took the Day 76 photo, but I do not think it hung around long after I took it. The fact that my ladder and wheel barrow never got stored for the winter is a pretty good indication of what winter was like. I have seen snow,  some winters, that would have been up to the third rung.

Day 77

But the good news is the ponds have begun to melt. And I have begun to focus my camera on pond reflections for the next week. Doesn't look like a big mud and flood season, however, unless we get a bunch more of these little snow storms. They do make for pretty pictures.

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  1. Love how white can transform a landscape, and how reflections can change a point of view. Well done!


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