Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 22 - 2014 in Images

Day 148

Day 148 was a very special day for me because on that day I was able to see clearly out of both eyes at last. The world was really puddle wonderful as e. e. cummings would say but all the images for this week were taken the before my surgery and through the use of modern technology scheduled to post on the appropriate day. Meanwhile I was out with my camera taking photos with two good eyes which will be posted this week coming up.

Day 149
But I had one good eye for almost a month and when these pictures were taken. What I noticed was my new found joy at the quality of light. Cataracts make everything too bright or too indistinct. Sunrises and sunsets become less than enjoyable.

Day 150

Day 151

Modern surgical procedures gave me back the light, and as I have said before, the edges. And the pleasure of spending time on the computer photo editing some of my previously taken photos.

The last three photos of this week were posted because they will be May 2014 for me: The May 13th snow storm, and the feverish building of the bow tunnel after that and before going under the knife again.

Day 152 - Memories of a May snow storm

Day 153 - Walking the Fence Line

Day 154

Regardless of my artistic intentions when out with a camera some photos are a recording of a time and place, a period of my life which I must mark. If I am lucky those images captured sometimes speak volumes to others. Sometimes they speak just to me. Image 153 - Walking the Fence Line surprisingly speaks to my of my childhood. No, I never lived on a ranch, but I have known lots of ranchers and spent time on ranches and farms as a guest laborer if you will. The work goes on whether there is 10 inches of snow or not. There is no calling in for a sick day or a snow day.

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  1. Day 158, the shed greenhouse, reminded me of the first house I bought years ago. A Michigan farmhouse with that monument to canning and massive gardens which provide winter provisions. The used brick farmhouse with chicken coops and smokehouse, cherry trees and grape arbors captured my heart and most of my weekends trying to convert it into a gentleman farmers country house. I knew nothing of leaving things as they were then, I was the great modifier. Your work is lovely Jacquie. I like the dream colors and visual magic.


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