Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 25 - 2014 in Images

Day 169

Busy week at the studio. Paintings became to come off the wall so I could clean inventory and tag them. I decided to get back to being more professional and create a new inventory with inventory numbers and tag all my paintings consistently before I box them up. I had been so long since I had done that (2011 before my two year hiatus from painting) I had forgotten how to modify my spread sheet. And it turns out only a small handful of my photographs (those printed) were on any inventory. I have this folder of copies of entry forms for photographic and painting exhibits.

In the middle of this left brain muddle the opportunity to visit Eagle Nest Dam presented itself. One of the heights of the tour was this old truck at the Gateway Museum in Eagle Nest where the tour originated.

Day 170

And it was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood. The week had been windy to the extreme which made it good to be inside working on that inventory for my one woman show at Gallery Main. The show runs for the month of July in Trinidad, Colorado. And at my studio during that month will be a show primarily of my printed photographs and some of my lessor paintings.

But I digress. The day of the historic tour was still a bit windy but not what it had been. And the skies were noisy (photographic term) which makes for interest above the horizon.

Day 171
And it adds unique lighting to ordinary objects. Eagle Nest Dam is not that ordinary. It is the largest privately built dam in the United States and dates from 1920. The town of Eagle Nest was named after the rock in the picture below. No eagles the day I visited but the lake beyond the dam is now residence for several pairs of Bald Eagles.

Day 172
Eagle Roost Rock at Eagle Nest Dam

Lots more dam pictures and look for a blog featuring them on Sidetracked Charley in the future. Mean time it is back to that truck. Love trucks. There is some other interesting old and rusty things on the grounds of the Gateway Museum and I plan a return just to photograph them.

Day 173

Meanwhile another picture from the dam tour. This one of the spillway to the side of the dam. My photographer's eye was attracted to the intricate intertwining of roots and rocks at the water's edge. Considering halving the photo horizontally to focus on just those roots.

Day 174

And when the winds stopped a foggy morning to record. Before going back to that dreaded spread sheet inventory.

Day 175

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