Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 24 - 2014 in Images

Day 162

A friend of mine posted a challenge in photography of ordinary objects. Seen through a camera lens I do not know any object is ordinary. Something about the medium takes it out of the ordinary. But this week I tried to focus on the ordinary images in my life.

Day 163
Radicchio in my garden

Frankly even the plants in the garden did not look that ordinary once in my view finder. Even less so on the computer screen. The camera makes you look at ordinary objects and see the extraordinary in them.

Day 164

Even the lowly snapdragon when looked up to became a giant. Okay I added the sun spot. But because it just seemed to call for it.

Day 165

And my dirty studio windows happened to be reflecting the most extraordinary storm clouds the day I took the picture below.

Day 166

Day 167

These were those clouds. I think the clouds that day were way beyond ordinary. But they are fairly common in my world because they build up over the mountains that surround my valley.

Day 168

And this fountain is an ordinary part of my routine. I stare at it and toy with how to capture it. Another attempt on Day 168. An otherwise ordinary day. Except I had my camera with me.

I daily post another photo on Binford-Bell Studio Page in Facebook. I also post progress photos of my paintings as I prepare for Meraki at Gallery Main in Trinidad, Colorado. Check out my page and my posts.

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