Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 23 - 365 Days of Photographs 2014

Day 155 - Cimarron, New Mexico

What is it about June which always makes me feel so far behind. And with a one woman show of my paintings in July I really do feel very far behind. Trying to avoid panic with photography. There is nothing in life which cannot be avoided for at least a few moment when behind a camera. Or in front of the computer immersed in post processing a photo. And if that photograph you are working on is of a place you visited on a leisurely afternoon all the better.

Day 156

And lacking a scenic spot there is always the morning light through the blinds and the patterns captured. Photographs can focus on a reality we missed in our busy lives or like the photo below, alter reality. Eagle Nest lake with the tiny pontoon boat looks healthy and full. Cropping deleted the yards and yards of dry shore line once covered with water. Eagle Nest lake because of the drought is at less than half of its capacity.

Day 157 - Eagle Nest Lake

Or the camera can point the eye to the deterioration of what we viewed as quaint. Thankfully the house below isn't mine. Sadly mine may have as much to be fixed but is less picturesque.

Day 158 - Sun room in New Mexico?

The green house/sun room above has added screen to protect the plants once raised there from the south sun in summer or from the hail of our monsoon seasons? No owners to ask. But it and the plastic and poly bow green house I built made me very aware of layers we apply these days. The window next to the green house is single pane and no screen but the window featured below is double pained and screened. The dog looking out is less visible than the remnants of sheer curtain in the photo above.

Day 159 - How much is the doggie in the window?

Double layered glass makes for some interesting images especially when you factor in reflections like in the self-portrait below. Selfies are easy with smart phones but more difficult with DSLR's. I liked the one below because it includes my camera and beyond the double glass a painting of mine layered in with the reflection of the aspens behind me. A friend said it seemed anxious. I am anxious currently. See opening paragraph about the one woman show.

Day 160 - self portrait

To wrap up on a more calming note I leave you with a black and white of a fountain in a pond set in the valley surrounded by mountains. In color it is almost too busy. In black and white it has a serenity which almost allows you to hear the soft sound of the water falling on the surface. And I remember the birds swooping over the surface beneath the spray making high pitched calls.

Day 161

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