Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Studio?

left west wall or largest wall

From the moment I bought my house I began sketching plans for my greenhouse and passive solar sun room. I chose the southeast side duplex as opposed to the northwest because it would have a better solar gain. First drawings had it only about 10 feet wide by about 15 feet long. And even when I drew up the final plans which said studio it was not intended for painting but mask making. It had grown from that ten feet to 16 and 21. And definitely more window than wall.

Windows being installed
 The passive solar gain and a place for all my light starved plants was top of my list on purpose of the studio. And during the construction I was so squeezed into the tiny bedroom upstairs that served  as my studio I could not wait to spread out. Even my computer which had occupied a corner of the living room had to move to my bedroom because of the construction dust and the cutting of the door between the existing building and the new addition.

The addition
 And once I kicked out the contractors for false invoicing the fur kids and I virtually moved into the new space so I could finish the sheet rock and trim out. The photograph below shows the largest area for hanging paintings. Mind you at this time I was not painting.

Most of the largest wall

One quarter of the largest wall

And then I stupidly put all the studio furniture below this space which makes hanging on this wall an acrobatic feat. The opening picture shows the other side of the door of this wall. I once had a computer desk under there which made hanging anything on that part of the wall impossible. Computer moved back to the living room.

Southeast wall above door
The other good place to hang work is the peak over the outside doors and windows. It requires a tall ladder. And as my Euphorbia have larger a bit of rearrange of plants. The love their greenhouse. And then there are the corners.

Favorite corner
 I love the space for paintings in this corner but then I have taken below it for storage because it was at one time behind the computer desk. I have decided this needs to be moved so I can totally utilize the wall space here and shown in the first picture.

Tallest Euphorbias used to live here
 But they had to move to make room for paintings. I have even painted specifically for this corner because of a collector telling me she had no place to hang more art. I didn't either.

To the left of the main door

The book shelf and the stand for the CD player have got to go. It takes up space that can be used for hanging pictures. And most of what is on these can move to the living room and shelves there I have cleared of books. And to the left of here would be a perfect place for some the print rack, etc.

I am painting larger canvases now and also into photography which gets relegated to panels.


 Overflow of paintings and photography is in the living room which I am thinking needs a rearrange so it can be a secondary showroom. With the apartment not rented on the other side I could always use it as another gallery. Anyone want to go in on a coop venture?

The studio was suppose to be a greenhouse and passive solar sun room. And it is. But it is also now a studio/gallery. I need to repurpose it officially.

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  1. Change is good. Rearranging and re-purposing can feed the creative spirit.


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