Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 32 - 2014 in photographs

Day 218 - Monsoon Clouds

Here is enough. And thank goodness because I have not had the time to pack up and take a day trip out of the valley. One of my photographer buddies just went to Colorado in search of new things to record in pixels and I am here in the valley pointing my camera at the wonders of the monsoon clouds and foggy mornings after the rains with drops hanging on the fences and blades of grass.

Day 219 - Monsoon Morning

A wet May and abundant moisture in July has made the grasses tall and generously topped with seeds to increase the grasses next year. Not easy to photograph them because they are just a field of top heavy grass waving in the breeze but the ones below stood before a white bar door and multiplied themselves with shadows.

Day 220 - Brings tall grass

I love the blooms on the top of onions. They are so poised it seems. BTW they are also great eating; broken apart and scattered on a salad. These two below are heralds in my garden.

Day 221 - Onion blossoms

Mother always said to not play with my food. Photography and the dry computer dark room have made it all too easy to play with the vegetables in my garden. The broccoli was harvested this week but before it was I had to record my success and then celebrate it with color.

Day 222 - Do not play with your vegetables

I bought this bluebird house at a crafts fair and got it home to discover that to install it on a post means I have no access to the door in back to clean it out at end of season. So I just set it on an outdoor shelf overlooking my garden to decide how to put it up later. A year has passed and it is still on the shelf.

Day 223 - The Bird House

More playing around with my food. This time the red cabbage. It has been probably the most recording vegetable in my garden. Take a bow. I am even considering printing this large on canvas to display in my studio. Would be neat printed on metal as a kitchen decoration too.

Day 224 - I never listened

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