Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 31 - 2014 in Photographs

Day 211

I took a second look when this bronze lion caught my transitory attention. I was driving somewhere with my mind totally on something else. My first thought was, "who puts an African lion in a New Mexico mountain forest?" But I had to stop and take a picture. Love the forest around it. There is a starkness in black and white I also liked.

Day 212
I love this particular wildflower that grows in a wood near me. I love their fanciful twisting petals but had no idea what they were. When I posted this picture everyone wanted to know. It is a Helianthus giganteus Tall Wild Sunflower. Sometimes called a Giant Wild Sunflower. It seems to catch the light in small meadows among the tall pines or near the edge of a pond. The yellow stands out in the shadows.

Day 213
There are thousands of different thistles. I like the lilac or pink colored Bull Thistle captured above. None in my yard. I actually have to seek them out. I have an ugly white variety in my yard. And the Marsh thistle across the stream in the marsh naturally enough.

Day 214
I am obviously not the only one stalking the wildflowers. The Giant Wild Sunflower above seemed to be captured by aphids and ants. Or were the ants herding the aphids?

Day 215
And what is a week in monsoon season without clouds, and cloud photographs. Like in aspen season everyone with a camera is out looking for that one distinctive photograph not previously taken by someone one else with their smart phone. I must thank my supporting cast, the cattle, for the picture above. They so nicely lined the crest of the hill giving depth and scale to the huge cumulus clouds behind them.

And the towering layers of clouds above one of the tallest mountains in the neighborhood. The base of Angel Fire Ski area is 8,600 ft (2,621 m). And the peak is 10,677 (2,354 m). Since this photo shows just above the base and to the peak take the 2000 foot difference and figure out how tall that building thunderhead is.
Day 216
And with the clouds come the rain. Also have always looked for that definitive photograph of "When the skies opened up." I captured this one of my storage shed from inside my studio with the door open and the long lens on. One way to keep me and the camera dry but I was kidding myself about being safe from the lightning.

Day 217
And we are another week closer to fall and winter. But no doubt more wildflowers, clouds and hopefully rain to photograph in the next week.

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