Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 34 - 2014 in Images

Day 232

I wrote more blogs this week but took less photos. Frequent readers are bound to be familiar with a few of these images because they were featured in other blogs I did on photographic exercises like shapes, and within 15 feet in 10 minutes in my kitchen, the exercise on something different which for me was flowers.

But some have different treatments and slightly different framing. The sweatshirts below are actually upside down because I liked them better that way.

Day 233

And I used one of my very favorite filters on the peaches and mangoes. Most of them have now been eaten but I really did like them as a subject. And I have been so busy with painting photography has taken a back seat. I have been picking up the camera as a last thought and doing a quick exercise or recording subjects close at hand.

And that may be very good because it has gotten me out of my focus on wide vistas and stalking the herds of elk.

Day 234

There is definitely something to be said for getting out of our comfort zone.  The onion blossoms below are a personal favorite. They are a macro closeup and not colorful like most of my subjects but I am really proud of how they turned out.

Day 235

The hollyhocks have been a favorite this summer. My fans on my Facebook have probably gotten rather tired of them. I wonder if anyone said that about Monet's water lilies. I understand he did not much like water lilies but they were a favorite of his father. I love hollyhocks. And poppies.

Day 236

It occurred to me as I was putting together this blog that the majority of the featured pictures this week were vertical. Being a landscape photographer I am far more likely to choose horizontal as a format than vertical. But I was also working on two vertical paintings. I wonder if that effected my photographic choices.

Day 237

I rather like the shirts ready to go upstairs. I could probably put together a whole series of photographs on clothing at this point. Coats last spring, hats next week, sweatshirts this week and now shirts on hangers. When it is raining outside they are a colorful and handy subjects.

Day 238

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