Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 39 - 2015 in photographs

Day 267

The week was about the ends of summer, the beginning of fall, and a wonderful pause between the rush of seasons. Good weather for walks and capturing sights around me.

Day 268

And in the middle of this a new orchid in the greenhouse I care for from time to time. I love orchids. I love the unusual in plants. Even the weeds. A spent thistle leads off the week, and a just beginning to bloom is next. The bees and butterflies seem to love these weeds others dig up and try to eradicate.

Day 269

Both thistle photos came from a wonderful walk in the neighborhood with friends and our fur kids. I have Magique trained to the ways of a photographer. She can still at times hog the view.

My companion 

Day 270

I love the landscape as it hangs between summer and winter. It is when the golds begin to make their appearances in the grass and the aspens and the stalks of Great Mullen, an other weed.

Day 271

And then there are those surprises like a very late blooming hollyhock.

Day 272

And the sadness of a favorite subject slipping into its last fall. I have photographed this solo aspen for years. It will not green up next spring. But it posed nicely for one last record of its life.

Day 273

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