Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 41 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 287

I joined a new photographic group on FaceBook focused in minimalism. And that really has nothing to do with this week on the surface. Only one, maybe two of these photos fit into the minimalist definition. But trying to define it for myself had me looking at the world my lens extracted very differently. Up to this week I have tried to extract from photos already taken those that would fit. This week I went looking for it.

I thought the reflections of mirrors in mirrors would work because repetition is often key in abstract minimalist photography but there is too much randomness in Day 287.

Day 286

And you often see what I would term macro photography on the posts in this new group. But not enough extra totally blank space in my bee and thistle photograph.

Day 285

There is certainly an abstractness in these two landscapes. I like the lines in both but the baler in Day 285 gets closer to minimalist. I like it as a photograph. And to be totally honest I am not sure I like all examples of minimalism in photography. I know I do not like it in painting. One of the extreme examples of it in painting are huge canvases just painted white or solid black. Which always illicits from me the question, "Why?"

Day 284

I think I nailed it in Day 283 but was told it would be more minimalist if there was no reflection in the window but sky; with no clouds. And I agree it is more minimalist in black and white.

Day 283

Minimalism is forced. I do not often find it comfortable though supposedly simplification of a subject should give the eye rest and the mind calm. Searching for minimalism has me looking more at my backgrounds and framing of subjects. Yes, It would be easier to pick and empty room and put one small subject, say a mushroom, against a blank wall. Frame the photograph with lots of the blank wall and then crop with the mushroom alone in one corner. I think we are back to that WHY?

But in the photograph below of a sculpture in situ the search for minimalism had me looking to simplify the background with adjusting depth of focus.

Day 282

And I did a real up close and person of this leaf with focus on the drops of water. Of all the photos I could have taken of this plant it is the most minimal. But frankly it lacks the starkness I have come to associate with the art form.

Day 281

Still while it remains largely elusive the search for that quality is not without its benefits because it has broadened my definition of a photograph.

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