Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 43 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 295

I threw in a pet picture. Why not? People through in pictures of their kids. As a pet owner and a pet sitter I spend lots of time with pets. And if the rule for writers is to write what you know that it probably is true for artists to capture what they know. And for a photographer the more you know about your subject, especially the mobile ones, the better your chances for capturing them.

Day 296

That said I probably should include that I do not know leaves as well. So practice. This one posed nicely.

Day 297

 But to be honest I like trees without leaves a lot. Though the tree above has one lone leaf left on it.

Day 298
 Aspens are not individual trees but part of one larger organism. Not unlike mushrooms. So it is not just location which makes some aspens turn gold before others. Though location can be part of it. And some aspens just grow taller. It is in their interconnected roots.

Day 299

 When you are driving down the mountain through leafless stands and come across a grove still in brilliant yellow it is likely the grove is all one plant.

Day 300

Sometimes I get tired of trees and take off for the junk yard. I have access to both. As well as the pets. Life is good.

Day 301


  1. Junk yards are good! Not sure for what, but one person's junk is another's treasure! How did you get Thicke to lie like that???

  2. Replies
    1. Thicke picked the pose. He is a natural.

      Working on my Google My Business page so maybe even a grander map.


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