Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week Five of 2016 in Photographs

Day 29

 If there is a theme to this week it is landscape or objects in the landscape. It was not an intentional theme. Nor did I realize everything was horizontal. Though there was a point at which, in a discussion with an artist friend, I decided I was doing a lot of vertical compositions in paintings and photograph.

I think of myself as a landscape photographer. I love the wide open spaces in which I live and cannot by pass photographing the vistas. Though often I focus on a foreground object with the landscape merely the background. It can lend scale and distance to the spread of mountains. That explanation advanced it is to be noted that Day 29 has no mountain range, and Day 30 no foreground object.

Day 30

However, Day 31 has both. I really loved this unwinding stock tank used for target practice. I have about five different takes of this one object. I want to back and photograph it again from a greater distance so it is just a small object against the expanse of plains and mountains. Like a snail on a beach.

Day 31

 I am not a bird photographer. That is a subset of photography like wedding photographer. But they do show up as a fixture in a landscape from time to time. And I am a bit of a bird watcher. I have a very informal life list. And thankfully a couple friends better at identifying them. So I snap a photograph and email it to them and they tell me what it is. I could argue this is a Harrier Hawk because of its low perch. But there are no high perches in the immediate area. So I could be wrong.

Day 32

Photographers should always keep their sense of humor. If for no other reason than it keeps you from crying now and then. The odd comic photograph is also good for social media posts. I originally framed this one up in the view finder as a reference on lake depth since I have been coming to the Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge. Clearly the lake has been lower. And higher.

Day 33

The vista below is taken from the refuge. In fact, all the photographs were within a few miles of there which is not far from Cimarron, New Mexico. I am part of the Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail which passes through here. I have been trying to get a number of photographs of vistas to put on the website. At least that is my current excuse for spending a whole day out of the studio.

Day 34
 The boys below once had a landscape behind them but I cropped it to focus on them. That is the advantage of more pixels. The one with them as a part of the vista is too much much blue sky.

Day 35

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