Friday, February 26, 2016

Week Eight - 2016 in Photographs

Day 50
Stellar Jay in Aspen Tree

I mentioned in another blog I was not the type of photographer who wanted to be able to count the feathers on a bird. I also never set up with a tripod in the freezing temps (well, once with my sister) to capture the perfect bird photo. For me a bird picture is a capture like this one with the vivid blue of the jay in stark contrast with the white of the aspen bark.

Day 51
Sunset with Waxing Moon

And I have done my time trying to capture the perfect rising full moon photograph. Photographers with cameras which attach to telescopes can do better. I was taking a photo of the red clouds at sunset and the waxing moon was just there.

Day 52
Garlic braid

 And, interestingly enough, while I captured a clear and precise image of the garlic on the stucco wall I chose to use a brush stoke filter on the image to make it look more like a painting. But the water drops on the banana leaf I left crystal sharp. 

Day 53
Banana leaf

I love photographing reflections in a mirror. And this was an especially great mirror. The question is do you focus on the mirror details or the image reflected in the mirror. I liked the image with the empty chair in stark focus drawing attention to its emptiness.

Day 54
Mirror on the wall

I do like taking photos of animals but I am also always looking for the different capture. I liked the two young deer in front of an adobe wall below. The day was grey and so no stark shadows. It looks like they posed in a portrait studio.

Day 55

Took quite a few photos of this squirrel. He was unwilling to leave his seeds so I was able to take the shot I wanted. The classic squirrel photo is a profile. But I liked this heads on one. I used a vignette filter to minimize the background clutter. I had focused on the nose, whiskers and fingers.

Day 56

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