Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week Seven - 2016 in Photographs

Day 49
 It has been a fantastic week weather wise. Warm. Snow melting. And green houses to escape to when the wind whips up. For middle of February it has been perfect.

Day 48

That said I really do not have a theme for this week or a focus. I just sort of walked around and pointed a camera. The clarity of light made for great black and white images. And I found myself again drawn to the stark lines of trees and bushes without leaves. Must remember come spring to take the same photos with leaves but then there won't be the snow either.

Day 47

The photo below is full color. Another thing to love about winter; it makes for great monochromatic photographs. I also have this photograph with a Stellar Jay in it. It will be featured next week.

Day 46
 And, of course, one of my most frequently photographed groves of aspens. Something about the light and shadow.

Day 45
 And the orchids are blooming in one of those green houses I frequent. A photo group on Facebook I belong to had an exercise in fill the frame approach. Several of these photographs were practicing that.

Day 44
 I posted these backwards this week. For no particular reason.

Day 43

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