Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week Six of 2016 in Photographs

Day 36

Except for the opening photograph this week the pictures are about snow. It seemed to be everywhere until this week of warm temps and melting snow. Snow is beautiful. Prettier than mud but it also came with super freezing temps which made it uncomfortable for photographer and equipment.

Day 37

Snow also presents other challenges like getting where you want to go. I live, however, in an area which deals with snow well. So I get to enjoy the shadows and light on the snow and not digging myself out. But I am very grateful for the GMC 4 x 4 wheel drive truck.

Day 38

Shadows are blue on snow. But I find I love black and white treatment of photos of snow and shadows. The super cold temperatures made for an amazing sense of light and clarity.

Day 39
 And the snow seemed to sparkle.

Day 40

Even the wild life seemed to sparkle from snow. As the snow dropped off the trees it fell on the deer walking under the branches laden with snow.

Day 41

For all the great opportunities presented by the snow I am thrilled by the warmer temps and the comfort provided by the sun. No doubt there will be more snow because winter is not over, but I love New Mexico and the vacations from winter.

Day 42

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