Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week Nine - 2016 in Photographs

Day 57

A little late on my week in review. A little late on taking photographs for the photos for this current week too. Wish I could say it was about just being busy but it is also about losing my focus for a bit. And while it has been spring like weather it has not been spring as far as the landscape. It is still in winter. And except for just a little snow which quickly melted off mostly brown.

Day 58

And between my studio page and a photographic group I belong to I feel like I am posting photos everywhere. I even feel as if I have written this blog already. But I haven't. I think. If you have read it please let me know.

Day 59
Renovations begin on Castaneda Hotel

Thought maybe it was a blog on Sidetracked Charley but I didn't find it there. Though it would have been very natural to blog about another trip down to the historic district of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Day 60
Rawlins Hotel, Las Vegas, NM
Home of the Harvey Girls

 I love photographing old buildings and Las Vegas has become a major draw for me with the renovations of the Castaneda Hotel beginning and the Rawlins Hotel set to be renovated. Longmire season 5 should begin shooting soon so more reasons to go south for the day.

Day 61
Through the portal of Castaneda Hotel to the Rawlins Building

Day 62
Back of Castaneda Hotel, Las Vegas, NM

Day 63
Wells Fargo Building, Las Vegas, NM

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