Friday, March 25, 2016

Week Twelve - 2016 in Photographs

Day 80
Just when I had complained about being in that space of not winter and not spring with nothing of beauty to photograph that it got better. There was a freezing fog. You have to love the mountains.

Day 78 and 79 were before the gift of frosting on everything. The rest were taken in one day. A frenzy of photography because freezing fog is very time sensitive. Once the sun breaks through it is gone. And it is frequently on only one side of the trees, grasses or bushes.

Day 83
 I love it on Aspens as it accents their bare branches. And on long needled Ponderosas it makes them look like flocked Christmas trees.

Day 84

Day 78
 I did the pots above in colors last week but liked them a lot in black and white. And selfies taken in mirrors are always a good fall back subject. I debated moving these two to another week and doing all frost pictures for this week, but this is the week as it was.

Day 79

Day 81
 The fog also masks the background. The seed drill above competes with the Sangre de Cristo mountains on a clear day. The fog erased them and defined the metal spokes on the wheels.

And in the photograph below it put the bird on the post in stark definition to its forest background.

Day 82
This isn't all the photos I took in that hour. More coming in the next week of photographs.

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