Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 28 - 2016 in Photgraphs

Day 196

 I was debating the new camera this week. And finally ordered it. So taking photos from this week inspired less than usual. But there were subjects I needed to capture so I used the equipment at hand to take them. Mostly the Nikon D90, which while only 12 mp, is the workhorse of my stable.

Day 193

But I still tried the Nikon D3200 from time to time. In part to prove I really needed a new and reliable camera with more pixels. The turkey feather above was taken with that camera. It is the one of a series of five I took of this subject. But clearly the camera was having focus issues. I, however, like this one. The first Americans see the turkey feathers as spiritual tools or symbols and the out of focus quality of this photograph imparts that.

Day 190

The rest of these are with the D90 and my long lens. And with the plumeria blossoms a certain athletic ability to perch on things to focus in the 10 foot high blooms.

Day 191

Day 192

Day 194

The salmon colored poppies just required being able to stoop down and get back up while still holding on to the camera. When people ask me what I do to stay in shape I say I take my camera for a walk. Just received my new Nikon D7100 so more of those walks in my future.

Day 195


  1. Great pics. I really doubt you need more pixels. Just think back to the artistry of film....sometimes analog was more creative...

  2. Well done.

    Mom always had red poppies that reseeded every year. I finally lost them but still love poppies.


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