Thursday, July 21, 2016

Week 29 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 197

The new camera arrived. At some point I should put it down so I can get the house cleaned up. I am so in love with this camera. Yes, I know, I am one of those who says that photography is about so much more than just a camera. And that is especially true in this day of digital darkrooms. But even with the best software it can take a lot of time to turn a passable image into a keeper. Yes, a great camera will not make you a great photographer, but good chef's need sharp knives and I just got mine. And so I have been chopping up everything in sight. 

Day 198

 I believe in testing the limits of my new tools. Ever since I got my first SLR camera I have devoted a week solid to every new lens. With a new camera I wanted to try it out on every subject I had been having problems with on my other camera. The one I should have never bought. Only the first and last photo in this blog were taken with other than my new camera. They are also the only two I used post processing tricks on.

Day 199

I had almost entirely stopped doing any macro photography. I was sure I was beyond holding the camera steady enough. I have friends who shifted to a point and shoot digital when they encountered that issue. I switched to a heavier camera and found it easier to hold steady. And since it focuses faster, shoots multiple images faster, and adjusts to dim light situations I am back to doing up close and personal shots.

Day 200

 Found I did not need the rapid fire shooting option; taking five photos quickly to get one in focus. The Nikon D7100 gave me the image I wanted with just one photograph. And a lot less time post processing.

Day 201

Days 200, 201, and 202 were shot within the same ten minute time frame. And standing at the same spot on the Cimarron River waiting for the butterflies to settle on the flowers. It was using my favorite long lens, the 55-300, which I mostly kept on the Nikon D90 because it gave me better pictures than the D3200.

Day 202

Day 203 was with the D3200 as I tried on the various lenses in my collection to see which had come with that camera kit and had the drive motor in the lens. I regained a couple lenses with the switch back to a camera with the focus drive motor in the camera. Some time had to be spent reintroducing those to my camera case. On the first day out with the new camera the trusty Nikon D90 came with us. Never get too far from home with just one camera. It is why I have two camera bags. One carries the lenses, filters, and two cameras. The day tripper carries one camera and my favorite lenses.

I am rehoming the D3200 to someone not as serious about photography as I am. The D90 will stay at home more often. And I will get faster at changing lenses again.

Day 203

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