Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week 48 - A Week in Black and White/2016 in Photographs

Day 330
 Yesterday while waiting for a tow truck I took photographs to pass the time. I, as fate would have it, was without a moving vehicle in close to paradise. But I was stopping there for just a quick errand and truly was not dressed adequately to spend an hour or two outside with my camera.

Luck was with me, however, and I had put the emergency box in the bed of the pickup just the day before. Inside were winter snow boots and ski gloves and a Nature's Valley energy bar.

When I finally made it home I had 101 photographs to upload and post process. Some will be on next week's blog and the week after. But most of my 366 Days of Photographs posts don't go that way. In fact it has been a bleak few weeks for any creative enterprise. This week represented here was a day by day affair, and so the days out out of sequence because that was the way they were in the photo and I opted to leave them that way.

But what is really interesting about this week is they are all in black and white. And actually it began the end of the previous week. Yes, the world seems a bit without color this time of year in the mountains, but three of these were very vividly colored flowers originally. The last orchids were white but the pot and wall had color.

Day 334

Day 331

Day 332

Day 333

Day 335

Day 336


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