Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 49 - 2016 in Photographs

Day 337

Winter has made a tentative toe into our weather. Just enough to change the landscape and now and then drive me into the warmth of a greenhouse.

And life has been very busy. So busy that the day the starter failed on the pickup I see as a gift. I fortunately had my camera and a very interesting place to hang around for four hours waiting for the tow truck. Which brings up my approach to photography: I take treks or drives. But staying in one place for that long with no internet or chores to do is a better approach if the photos I uploaded when I finally got home is any indication.

Day 338

Day 339

Day 340

 And having to wait on call from mechanic when I got home allowed me to fully explore the new photos. Which I seriously needed to do since I had an appointment with my printer to get some photos printed. Day 341 was one of my choices to enlarge and print.

Day 341

And I am considering 342 to enter in an approaching photographic exhibit.

Day 342

And day 343 is one of my favorite selfies. With spare time I become self indulgent.

Day 343

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