Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dawn Banishes the Night

Dawn Banishing the Night 18 x 24 Mixed Media
Goddess Series

Okay, I think this is finished. I said in this morning's blog that I had an issue I was dealing with on this painting based on Arches National Park's Double Arch. The issue was depth or rather the lack of it. My solution was glazes using Chinese white in part. The sky I did with the white, a blue and an iridescent medium. The large tower in the back center left was glazed with white and yellow.

The large arch was poured to give it a huge feel. Brush strokes to me seem to make things seem smaller. Or maybe it is just the size of the brush which has its individual limitations while pouring has none. I generally pour skies because of that large feeling pouring gives you but as the double arch breaks the sky into two smaller pieces this sky is painted. Dawn forms the support of the smaller of the arches.

Last night when I went to bed this painting was unfinished and I thought maybe lost. I believe the glazes worked. I am living with it for a couple of days before signing and varnishing. As we know I do change my mind from time to time.

Finished the 14 x 14 church painting I was also doing and will post that next.


  1. This painting has come together beautifully
    for you. I love your treatment with the other
    rocks/boulders too and can clearly see the
    depths you've given them. The color of the dawning sky is fantastic, too!)Marvelous strives foreword here....My heartfelt congratulations.

  2. Wonderful work Jaqui.

    I have a question. Is it unusual for you to have a figure in your painting? I don't remember seeing one before.

  3. During the time, Heatherbelle, you were off the internet I started my "goddess series" of paintings that have mostly female figures in the canyon walls. There are several posted on this blog.

    It is my visionary school style.

    Thank you and The Butler for your kind compliments

  4. Beautiful! I love the goddess paintings. The graceful women as part of the scenery is so well done.

  5. I love the composition of this piece.. it all 'combines' together really well. I had a look at the 'large picture version'.. and thought the stippled effect on the foreground rock and irridesent flecks on the sun were really good. One close view however, your goddess is looking a little pensive... is she meant too??

    What a great days work..

    Hugs V

  6. Once again you've done well Jacqui...


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.