Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Outcome

I promised a status report on the frame making progress and this is it. The first photo below is my first frame unpainted. It is square! If you have never made a frame you probably do not understand the elation that simple statement evokes.

I will admit to some mis-cuts and mistakes in the process so not all the board feet of trim I created resulted in a finished frame. Though the mis-cuts can be used in smaller frames. However, I did come out with three which are shown here below on the paintings they were cut to fit. They are simple floater frames but I am quite proud of the outcome. The fit! Another of those simple statements that if you have never made frames you cannot fully appreciate.

I was happy enough with the outcome to rush off to the hardware store for more materials. I have several more completed pictures to frame and one more painting I am beginning for which I need a frame. The least favorite part of the process for me is painting them, so when a fellow artist asked if I would be willing to make them for sale I immediately replied "unpainted." Rather like unpainted furniture.

And while painting the frames is my least favorite part the opportunity to finish each frame to match the painting is very nice. I did these to duplicate the ones I am currently purchasing from a frame wholesaler but I am beginning to see the opportunities available for finish given that I am making them myself.


  1. Well speaking as someone who cant even cut along a straight line... I'm really impressed by your skills.. especially as this is the first time you've ever made a frame (or 3). I imagine in time you will get quicker and make less mistakes... and I think the idea of 'painting' them to your tailored needs will be great... totally individualise each piece of work...

  2. As good as you are doing woodwork, of any sort,
    I'm rather surprised you've just now undertaken to making your own custom frames.
    Of course, this might only be due to the fact
    that we all resent paying these astronomical
    prices for every thing! But in the long term,
    you will be so much more pleased with your own finished art works.

  3. I just figured it was a mess and a time factor that I could not justify. But like you said, Dianne, when the prices went up it suddenly seemed worth while to take the time and worry about the mess. I look forward to good weather when I can take most of the mess outside. Do the sanding and cutting in the sun.

    I am still on learning curve.

  4. I really don't think there's anything my sister can't do and like our father she's a perfectionist. Being the first child I believe that she took all the talent

  5. I am filled with admiration! I once had a delightful photo of my dad & my 2 sons at 3 & 5. Because of the setting I had it framed in old barn wood. My dad, a builder & carpenter, loved the photo. But, he said, "Sugar, somebody saw you comin' when they sold you this frame....It ain't even square." So I could relate to your satisfaction in the technical achievement. This is good news!

  6. I must protest my sister's comment above. Debbie has bundles of talent. Her crocheted creations show an abundance of color sense and appreciation of texture. Great decorator and she is an awesome photographer.

    Incidentally, Sis, and all others interested the MVAC themed show which will accept photography and paintings of all types will be "Illusions."


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