Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Multi-bloglingual Poetry Tour

Take Me Away

I had one of those mornings
Too full of reality
The budget was too tight
The need to be real
Too imperative.

I wanted to runaway
Down some White Rabbit Hole
Erase myself like a Cheshire Cat
Goodbye, so long
Alice once lived here.

The canyons of my mind twisted
Whispered of places
I would rather be
Trails I would like to walk
Away from this cruel reality.

I tried to be strong
Kept on keeping on
Promised myself an escape
Later to the Mad Hatter's tea party
If I would just say now in reality.

I had one of those mornings
I am increasingly less fond of
Business was demanded
Authorities wanted my undivided attention
While the White Rabbit called.

I'm late
So very late
I have this date, my child cried
With my muse
To dream up mischief.

I had one of those mornings
It is over
Thank you very much
I whispered as I tiptoed

(c) J. Binford-Bell

This is my first effort at creating a multi-bloglingual Poetry tour. If you wish to participate leave a comment here or on Twitter with your url where your poem is posted or on my 360 blog linked in the blog list on this page.

I will also link this page to a duplicate post on Yahoo 360 for those people there. Let's see if this works poetry fans!


  1. Bad day at black rock..me, too!
    Well expressed, as per your usual.
    Delighted that I too was able to
    tiptoe away from this day!

  2. Glad you escaped with your sense of humor, too! I've got a poem by Hart Crane to share, here:


    Hope your day is fine tomorrow!

  3. Thank you for participating. I have linked you into the 360 blog too.

  4. And djeresu is participating in our poetry tour today http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-7LZVP5o1caOl9ELYktou

  5. I told you already about this wonderful poem and I have just left the tea party!! There were no hats but everyone was mad!

  6. I told you already about this wonderful poem and I have just left the tea party!! There were no hats but everyone was mad!

  7. As I age from that era of idealism can awry, raised on Huxley, Bradbury, Sartre, Camus, Kerouac, Watts, Leary and Kesey.... Is it any wonder we 'once golden girls fed on Yasger's apples' age in confusion, now in midlife questioning our ideals?

    These days I'm left with the question: 'How should we then live?'

    It's then I realise, and Francis Schaeffer has said it most profoundly, that 'if you begin with that which is finite, no matter how far you project it, you can never come up with an absolute'.


  8. 'idealism GONE awry', that is.... ;~P

  9. I've done it! Be back later to read and comment on others... must get to work.


  10. Is it too late to add one more? Treesparrow's post reminded me of this one:


  11. I don't think, Bekkieann, that it is ever too late for one more poem. And the one you posted is delightful. Thanks for joining in.

  12. you sound very stressed in this poem. I recommend wine, pizza and johhny depp...

  13. Hugs for hosting this my friend.. and so so much easier to do on blogger... :)

  14. I think this may be the way to go...blog here and link back...


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