Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting Better I think

Out of this second batch of wood I was able to make five frames instead of the three I made on the first round. I made a sixth small frame from scraps but even though it measured 11 x 14 it proved too small for my 11 x 14 canvases. And I found with the three 12 x 12 I made that not all 12 x 12 canvases are 12 x 12. So much for trying to assembly line the process. They really need to be made for each canvas which can vary in size 1/4 to 3/8".

I also tried a different color scheme as shown in the frames without pictures in the foreground. They are black inside and brick outside and gold on the forward edge. The brick goes with the colors in most of my paintings. Took two of the framed works into the gallery this morning and picked up two with the painted edges that had no frames - artist canvas they call it. So in the next week I will get frames made for those two and a companion piece of the one which I have here.

I still think I have some bugs to work out in this process. And maybe even some formal tools to buy to make it more efficient. I did make a second jig to hold corners and can see the need to maybe make two smaller ones too. With that and a strap I can "clamp" the frame tighter and get the glue bond more solid. Also trying to learn not to rush.

So tomorrow is back to painting paintings for a couple days then another round of framing.

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